MSP Automated, LLC


Jared Brantley, President

Jared has worked in the MSP space for about 10 years in the Atlanta, Georgia area in both technical and operational roles. He started working with the ConnectWise Suite about 8 years ago starting with ConnectWise Manage and eventually implementing ConnectWise Automate in late 2013 though the product was known as LabTech then. Working with Automate sparked a real passion for automation in efficiency. Jared was able to see firsthand how the ConnectWise Automate platform could simplify day to day management and streamline service delivery.

After attending his first Automation Nation in 2016, Jared met with a multitude of partners and engaged in discussions around the various issues plaguing technicians and teams. He left that first conference determined to help people. He became an active member in the LabTech Geek forums and Slack channel and he is ConnectWise Automate certified.

This passion for automation and the desire to help others drove Jared to form MSP Automated, LLC. Founded in 2017, MSP Automated was created with the sole purpose to help partners leverage the incredible power of the ConnectWise Automate (formerly known as LabTech) RMM product to improve service delivery and add more value to their clients.

This mission continues today. Let MSP Automated help you "unleash the power of Automation!"